Animation examples

Student Inspiration - Resources for Flash

The following files have been collected over some time and are used to inspire students, to give them ideas, to get some creative thinking happening and used in class to discuss different aspects of how the animation may have been produced.

Lip sync
Bubble Wrap (SWF: 161Kb)
Singing Horses (SWF: 143Kb)
Switchback (SWF: 465Kb)
Misery (SWF: 901Kb)
  • Good example of scripting movie clips
  • Interactive scripting of movie clips & sound
  • mac v's PC
  • Brilliant animation & storyline
Big Red Button (SWF: 19Kb)
Tramping (SWF: 996Kb) Misfitz (SWF: 2 Mb)
Pizza Order (SWF: 333Kb)
  • Simple button scripting with storyline
  • Interactive story with dark undertones & sounds
  • Bright colours school story
  • Great storyline, timing with sound
Dynasty (SWF: 137Kb)
Jackson Pollock (SWF: 16Kb) Numa Numa (SWF: 1.6Mb)
Xdude - "The Dough" (SWF: 979Kb)
  • Highly complex scripted game
  • Mouse movements initiating painting
  • NumaNuma from American Idol
  • Animated true story
Flash Poker (SWF: 106Kb)
Cat n Mouse (SWF app: 2.8Mb)
Merry Xmas (SWF: 560Kb)
Fight (SWF: 1,381Kb)
  • Interactive, highly scripted
  • Interactive application requiring camera
  • Christmas song with Santa and reindeers
  • Stick figure action packed fight animation
Turkey Shoot (SWF: 70Kb)
Georgerang (SWF: 36Kb)
ABSsoundboard (SWF: 36Kb)
Neuro (SWF: 1.1Mb)
  • Great game - high level scripting
  • Drag George over spheres
  • Lip sync tute
  • Story of noise disruptions
Walk Cycles
Shape Tween
Bio Motion Lab (SWF: 40Kb) Kaleidoscope (SWF: 12Kb) Morph Face (SWF: 38Kb) Emmeline (SWF: 2.1Mb)
  • Adjustable walk simulator
  • Kaleidoscope maker scripted
  • Good animation using shape tweens
  • Girl story with dark undertones & sounds
Cool Dude (SWF: 520Kb) Text Enter (SWF: 12Kb)   Macolights (SWF: 292Kb)
  • simple walk cycle to music
  • Enter text to see it output
  • Train story with dark undertones & sounds
Dunk (SWF: 112Kb) Newgrounds   Salad Fingers (newgrounds link)
  • Basketball rotoscope
  • Flash - Animations, games
  • Walk / Lip sync
Complex Parts (SWF: 8Kb)

  • Body parts

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